What Dreams May Come: love and togetherness

(Talking movies, differently #5)
(Contains spoilers)

‘If you’re happy in a dream, Ammu, does it count?’ Estha asked.
‘Does what count?’
‘The happiness- does it count?’
She knew exactly what he meant.
Because the truth is, that only what counts counts.

If you eat a fish in the dream, does it count? Does it mean you’ve eaten fish?
The cheerful man without footprints- did he count?

God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy

A promise well-kept could mean a kind of heaven, and a whirlpool of nothingness can stand for a kind of hell. What amazes me about What Dreams May Come is that it doesn’t use symbolism to convey hardships in love; rather it uses the medium of imagination to explore a beautiful relationship between Annie and Chris, a kind of love that stays beyond what constitutes a kind of reality.

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Feeling Movies?

A few days back in a random conversation with a dear friend I confessed that I’ve watched over 500 movies in the last four years. Of course her reaction was a mixture of surprise and shock (which I figured out was an interesting recipe for the recipient because both are in positive favor of his act/job). But that conversation and the realization of having watched so many movies over a fairly short period of time, it held on to me. All this time there are so many personal feelings that I found affinity to in fragments of these motion pictures.

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