Two households, both alike in dignity

Shakespeare plays are written in a language we don’t use now-a-days. I was introduced to Shakespeare in my 10th grade and there, in those conventional ways of learning, we assumed that maybe the only way to unlock Shakespeare was to find the key in the English teacher’s hand. But I was mistaken. Since Shakespearean English in no more a part of our diction then maybe it means that we have the liberty to carve our own ways to unravel, to unlock what it means. Maybe each of us have our own keys, our own way. Shakespeare has possibly written something on every kind of emotion we humans can feel. Generations might have sacked upon his plays, cultures might have evolved over and over again, globalization might have made the world open and easy for everyone but as humans, we all feel those intrinsic feelings and emotions that the older generations felt- homesickness, unrequited love, greed, loneliness… the entire spectrum of human emotions, all wrapped in couplets that are seamlessly blended in the rise and fall of kingdoms, possibly everything presented to us like jewels upheld in writings, something that will not fade away but will serve the generations to come.

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