Memoirs of a Geisha: Did the movie supersede the book philosophically?

(Talking movies, differently #6)
(Contains spoilers)

So, I spent about a week submerging in the world of Geisha culture in the book, Memoirs of a Geisha and Chiyo’s personal narrative certainly hosted individuality until the last two chapters of the book made the Chairman, ‘the hero’ of her story. While I’m not against fairytales and happy ending romances in fiction, I’m also very easily bummed when a primarily Bildunsgroman genre submits itself to the story of another individual, in this case a kind hearted, gentle, man of position, power and influence- the Chairman. As much as I appreciated Chiyo’s character in the book as a person having hope midst the atrocities of life and making the Chairman and her affections for him the constant of her life, I resented the portrayal of the Chairman as a messiah of her story in a way that the entire narrative of her struggles, hard work, and success as a Geisha was overshadowed by his mercy and kindness.

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