Doing the Dishes

If you have tuned into this post to understand how doing the dishes can be a meaningful process of cleansing your soul or any other such kind of pause and reflect kind of meditation, then this is not going to relieve your curiosity for it aims to yawp that doing the dishes is an unlikable, unproductive activity that no one willingly likes to do!

I have been complaining about doing the dishes since years now, and every time I find at least one soul trying to educate me how the activity could help me cleanse my negative energy, or how doing the dishes yourself is even important for it marks the absolute end of your meal (umm seriously? The absolute end of my meal, in fact everyone’s meal, is a natural process, duh-uh!). Of every romantic idea that has ever tickled with my logic and found its way to penetrate my notions of life, I just can’t let romanticism seep into the mundane chore of doing the dishes. As I typed the last sentence, word play took over and revealed its criticism on the phrase itself, ‘doing the dishes…’ That’s gross even though it suggests otherwise!

Doing the dishes is not meditation and trying to find meaning into it or thinking that it is an activity that could help you with a meaningful pause, seriously Camus is going to assert that you’re never going to be happy! Anyway, time to go. I’ve been procrastinating. Gotta do the dishes.