Of life, obituaries and The Last Word

(Talking movies, differently #7)
(Contains spoilers)

A few years back while watching Tony Kaye’s Detachment, I was inspired to write my own version of what a close one would say at my funeral. Two years back, sitting in the mundaneness of a conference room turned classroom, my magazine journalism instructor told us about obituary writing. I still remember she told the class, “Do you know that Amitabh Bachchan’s obituary is probably worked on, thoroughly updated, and lying in all the print media houses? They’re prepared.”
And I remember muttering to myself ‘what a sad thing!’
Thinking about this episode from the past I found myself wondering if Amitabh Bachchan was trying to control the records of his life y doing what Harriet Lauler did in The Last Words.

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Verbal vomit on smoking

So, here’s the thing, I am a very conscious overthinker with a phenomenal ability to express myself but here I find it absolutely hard to say what concerns me on the subject of this post in a way that I don’t come across as judgmental and at the same time remain concerned, cautious and well, myself! This post is about smoking and my experiences with it, passive and personal. But somehow I find it extremely hard, ideologically, to express my disgust towards it and my concern for my people who happen to be addicted to it but will never admit to that.

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