Chasing Rainbows


My eyes reach as far as they can, I find two rainbows outside my concrete windows.
One solemnly spills its colors in the sky space and the other glitters in the smiles, in the free smiles of the kids playing in the mud after rain.
The colors up there are supple and quaint. I wish I could clutch a part of it, spill it unstrung and repaint!
But the colors down there are raw and unconstrained.
They jump like monkeys with vivacity and in bounty.
The mud litters ingloriously, they dance however undaunted.
I stand behind my window, I view two rainbows together.
The sky reaches out to my eyes, my vision dilates and I chase and I chase in the merriment of capturing it- bare, untouched, picturesque!
But the park holds me still.
My heart chases it.
I do not want to capture it for once.
I want to live it.
But I stand there and just look. I watch two rainbows together.
One, a clear stream of resplendent colors,
other, too far, too distant with muddy pinafores and dirty collars.