My mind takes me back to all those simple drawings of a five petal flower, easy to make, uncomplicated. I would make gardens of it in my immature drawings and they would always look simple and beautiful. If there’s any flower that makes me nostalgic, if there’s any flower with which I’ve had a connection, a memory, then it is daisy.

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Like rain, Like love

Its dampness quenches
the whimpering playgrounds
and the leaflets tweak
a second shower,
the fallen twigs-
how quaint and subtle
like mementos of a
whimsical bower.
The soft and feeble winds chatter
a warm memory- a cold shudder,
an unwritten memoir
of the love birds’ chirrups
nudges the heart
in twee silence
of a lone observer- a lover!

Since it is the poetry month, so here I have a post for lovers and rain lovers 🙂
Writing a poem after a really really long time. I am glad this post happened 🙂
Poetry month post 1!