Be aware, stay safe #1

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Almost three months back when I began my journey with a dream to reach Antarctica in 2018 and work towards a global threat- climate change, with a team of passionate individuals feeling deeply for the environment, explorers and experts, I didn’t not know the enemy as much as I do now. Of course there is a time bomb over my head to raise funds for the expedition ($20,000) but my journey in these three months has completely sensitized me towards the issue in a much deeper way. I do not see climate change as a far off entity anymore that cannot touch my city, my house or me… of course it can, and of course it is every minute of my life.


Why can’t I live in Delhi anymore? Why have I so conveniently runaway to Mumbai or Ahmedabad? I am in a position to run away from Delhi’s pollution…

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