Help me reach Antarctica #2

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Fade in…

Day (Period: unidentified time in my childhood)

Location- outside home

The 30-year-old Jamun tree stands tall outside our house. The residential society office has sent a notice to our neighbors to take it down. My grandmother and Mrs. Malhotra (next door neighbor) talk as I play in the verandha, eavesdropping on what they are discussing.

Mrs. Malhotra: How will they ever understand the importance and value of this tree?

My grandmother(with immovable grit): It’s not just a tree. It’s a part of our co-existence here. We will have to fight our way for the tree, for the beauty, for the memory and for the monotony we share with this tree.

20748131_1135094816591890_3596950189927903176_o This Jamun tree is over 35 years olf :’) and continues to stand tall and beautiful!

My sensitivity towards nature has been honed over the years because these childhood memories left an impression me. Being a…

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