Help me reach Antarctica! #1

Help me reach Antarctica to fight climate change!

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Help me reach Antarctica!

I have great news to share 😀
I have been selected to go to the IAE (International Antarctic Expedition) 2018 organized by 2041 Foundation. The 2041 foundation is started by world renowned environmentalist, Robert Swan (The first person to walk on the North Pole and South Pole, pretty cool right? 😀 )

IMG_2655 (1)I happen to be one of the 80 people selected from all over the world who get selected to go to Antarctica. I’m the only writer on board. This is a once in a life opportunity for me to make a meaningful journey to Antarctica and then come back and make a difference in my society by exhausting my potential as a writer. I need to raise 14 lakh rupees as the expedition cost out of which I’m trying to raise 5 lakhs till 7th September 2017 through crowdfunding.

It’s a big dream…

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