Help me reach Antarctica #9

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Why don’t we invest in stories?

I plucked a Canna flower when I was a kid. It began to wry as I twirled its stem between


my fingers. By the time I reached school I felt horrible for doing that to a flower that looked like fire as it fluttered with the wind. After that day I never plucked flowers. I nurtured a deep loved for them.

We were asked to sign a pollution free city notice promising that we would never fire crackers for any celebration. I signed it as a child and I never fired crackers since.

‘It seldom ever happens when one really moves beyond one’s own self and extends to another being in a way he/she approaches to his/her own self,’ my grandmother tells me as she recalls the horrifying tragedy of the Partition of 1947 in our country, a suspension of humanity that…

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Help me reach Antarctica #7 and 8

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An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Day #7 and 8: Authenticity matters.
It’s been about words, pictures and posters all these days. Well, you had my campaign video but really, honestly you have to rehearse a lot to get that perfection shot!
This is my attempt to really talk to my audience face to face, to give you all a face to place in your imaginations for you to connect to my campaign and help me in my mission. I was told that enthusiasm is infectious, is it? Check out for yourselves. Catch me most authentic in this selfie video!
If you have questions, please put them in the comment section and I’ll be happy to reply.
Share. Spread. Support.
Link to the Robert Swan’s TED talk-

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Help me reach Antarctica #6

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

So my travels have been full of capturing/photo documenting of that beautiful side of nature that John Keats has melodiously captured in his poem Endymion.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: 
Its loveliness increases;
it will never pass into nothingness.

As much as this documentation is a reminder of ‘embracing tininess’ of the nature, it is also a collection of a different kind, a collection that reminds me of my connection with nature. It’s in this tininess that I’ve found that abode where I can release all my banal absorption with life, and pause for a few moments to embrace the present moment, and most of those moments have been during my travels to different places, making me more
mindful of the value of the beauty of nature.

But do you really need to understand all these details about me to fully understand my purpose? Well, yes…

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Help me reach Antarctica #5

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

There must be something about nature that made Thoreau to move out of Harvard University, give up his job, his life in the city, and go live by a pond named Walden; When George Hillary, a British mountaineer who died on Everest during his third expedition there in 1924, was asked by the New York Times why he wanted to climb Everest, he famously answered, ‘Because it’s there;’  Fawcett, a British explorer, journeyed into Amazon in the early 20th century to explore the lost civilization of the ‘Land of Z;’ Christopher Mc Candless dedicated his life to find his way up to the North as he lived his last few days in Alaska, into the wild; surely something would be there about nature, something so overwhelming that these explorers couldn’t hold that thirst in themselves any longer and so pushed themselves out of the…

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Help me reach Antarctica #4

An Enigma'sTravel Diary


It’s a bit vague for an Indian journalism student to be lost in stories of Walden (by Henry David Thoreau), worse (apparently from the ‘career direction’ perspective) when those adventures drive her to go the other way around and pursue post-graduation in English Literature. But there I was, wondering why would anyone abandon civilization and stroll his life sucking the marrow of life out of these pathless woods!
That’s how even my travels were motivated now, to find that unknown answer to an unknown question from the stories of Leo Tolstoy, Jack London and Henry David Thoreau.


Travelling wasn’t just a matter of  a break anymore; it became a matter of inward recluse. Whether it was trekking in the Garwahal range of Lansdowne or hitchhiking in the forests of Gir, my travels were inspired from the stories of these writers and thinkers who had found something inspiring in…

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Help me reach Antarctica #3

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Let’s begin from the beginning?
My love for nature bloomed with the beautiful bougainvillea flowers outside my house in Delhi. As a child, I have left that house for school every morning capturing just the beauty of those beautiful flowers, those bright colors to sooth that adamant child I was who didn’t want to go to school. I’ve grown up collecting those fallen flowers in my verandah to stick them up in my art books. It had pained me most deeply when one day that bougainvillea bush had to be cut down for its branches had acquired termite.

That’s how it all began, and that’s how my love for the bougainvillea flowers became so popular in my writings and that’s how my peers started addressing me as the ‘bougainvillea woman!’

Of course this wasn’t just the reason I know so much about different types of flowers today; it was one…

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Help me reach Antarctica #2

An Enigma'sTravel Diary

Fade in…

Day (Period: unidentified time in my childhood)

Location- outside home

The 30-year-old Jamun tree stands tall outside our house. The residential society office has sent a notice to our neighbors to take it down. My grandmother and Mrs. Malhotra (next door neighbor) talk as I play in the verandha, eavesdropping on what they are discussing.

Mrs. Malhotra: How will they ever understand the importance and value of this tree?

My grandmother(with immovable grit): It’s not just a tree. It’s a part of our co-existence here. We will have to fight our way for the tree, for the beauty, for the memory and for the monotony we share with this tree.

20748131_1135094816591890_3596950189927903176_o This Jamun tree is over 35 years olf :’) and continues to stand tall and beautiful!

My sensitivity towards nature has been honed over the years because these childhood memories left an impression me. Being a…

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