Harry Potter at 22!

Oh no, this is not me the ‘all-so-grown-up’ version trying to look at the kid who read Harry Potter. I think it should have been that way and could have been had the kid version of me had not seen the huge hard bound copies of Harry Potter in her cousin’s bed room that she became so scared of these books that until today she had this enormous image of the series in her mind where she thought it was beyond her, the patience, time and investment of self. Phew! All these years and strange thing, I grew up but that incident, that enormity froze in my mind until I decided to pursue my Masters in English Literature. All was going fine, with my Journalism background all wrapped up around me, a lot of texts during my Masters were unfamiliar to me but the guiltiest I’d ever been for not knowing a particular text (that almost everybody was familiar with at one point in time or the other) was the Harry Potter series. I happen to be one of those compulsive readers who WOULD NOT watch a movie if she knew there existed a book from which the movie was adapted.

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter at 22!

    • Thanks for sharing, Kemil. I hope I enjoy the Potter ride now that I have taken a plunge into it. Will get back to your post once I’m done 🙂

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