Like a broken string I rose,
sauntering with the whirls,
beholding an elation,
elation of the mundane:
morning dew,
twilight hues,
scent of the rains,
dust of the pearls.

Hear my silence,
that instrument is bygone,
I am a broken string,
I am cold, I am warm.

I am my music,
I am dark, I am forlorn,
I am elated
in this dusky dawn.

I am the spring of seventeen summers,
I breathe the hills of violet,
ineffable is my love,
I am the clarinet!

Poetry month post 5!



Rugged souls they walk with,

how shallow a love they yield,
what a filthy world I live in
where I cannot say what I feel.
I’ve felt scared and scattered,
I’ve felt the ruins so deep,
daunted I’ve felt in dark
hollow in my sleep.
Like a charade life tossed me-
a rumbling act so obscure,
a chasm fit in my spirits
where bleak dandelions grow.
Nothingness has pierced my soul
and a profound numbness I breathe,
I wear torn memories,
plastic smiles and broken reeds.

Poetry Month post 4!


Violet Love

Amidst those tenuous clouds,
in the veil-less springs it sings,
meandering in its enchantment,
The violet love blinks!

Confounded in its silence,
it roves the untrodden ways,
earnestly it bleeds,
unrequited it remains.

Bemused in the moonlight
of its star-crossed gaze,
It sparks its own raptures,
It smarts in its own maze.

Poetry month post 3!


Like rain, Like love

Its dampness quenches
the whimpering playgrounds
and the leaflets tweak
a second shower,
the fallen twigs-
how quaint and subtle
like mementos of a
whimsical bower.
The soft and feeble winds chatter
a warm memory- a cold shudder,
an unwritten memoir
of the love birds’ chirrups
nudges the heart
in twee silence
of a lone observer- a lover!

Since it is the poetry month, so here I have a post for lovers and rain lovers 🙂
Writing a poem after a really really long time. I am glad this post happened 🙂
Poetry month post 1!