8 little things I love about You’ve Got Mail

I have seen You’ve Got Mail so many times that I have lost the count by now 😛 But here in this post I am not going to share the obvious charmers of this film but the tiny revelations in the behaviors of Joe and Kathleen which added ‘magic’ to the mundane. Apart from the central characters of this film there are also moments of wonder and beauty that are not monumental but still indispensable because of their irrevocable minimalism.

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I just completed the British television series of Sherlock Holmes after the soft bullying by my friend. When I asked her if she could share her experience of this series in her blog, she felt so offended and told me not to even think about critiquing something so brilliant! Well I am sure if she refused to write about it, she has been SHERlocked!

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My 5 attachments with ‘Detachment’

“The park is now empty and bare, with abandoned shame about it. The jungle jim, the slide, all rusted together, all also terribly alone now… Where did all the children go? Didn’t they know that the park needed them? A child’s intelligent heart can fathom the depths of many dark places but can it fathom the delicate moment of its own detachment?”

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