The silent hymns of St. James Church

After hours of searching and scrounging over the net to find a secret place for visiting with my Mumbai friends (we had a pact to have one secret place about which none will know but the person who is taking others there), I came across this 178 years old Anglican church known as St. James Church in Purani Dilli (old Delhi).

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The beauty in those present things

It was 4 AM. I don’t remember when was the last time I was up so late. I knew that it was time to doze off now but even after treating myself with two movies, an article on Hemingway and a little bit of introspective reading, I wasn’t tired. While reading I could hear the coo-coo bird. It was dark out there but I could almost see everything. I leaned against my balcony. Everything seemed so silent. The monsoon wind soothed..

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In search of that familiar face…

Two years back when I saw ‘Wake Up Sid’ (yeah, I was not a movie buff then, so watched it on television), I never knew that two years hence my watching that film, I’d be in the same college as Sid was and in the same position as Aisha Banerjee was when she was asked to write a column for Mumbai Beat! Well this blog has been my dream (one of my daydreams actually 😛 ). And now that I have finally published it, my first write up has to be different. c

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